Sharing New Life in Christ with Hindus at Easter

Sharing New Life in Christ with Hindus at EasterThe Easter season can provide natural opportunities to share the hope of the gospel with the least-reached!

Below, workers among Hindus share some practical tips for reaching out to the Hindus in your neighborhood, many of which apply to sharing the good news with anyone who needs to hear. Together, they spell NEW LIFE IN CHRIST.



A Tribute to Bill Tarter, 1923-2014

Bill Tarter Tribute Bill was born in Parker, Texas in northwest Texas, and raised in Amarillo, Texas in the panhandle. He studied at Moody and Baylor and pastored a church near Waco.

In 1947 Bill and his wife, Wanda, went to India and served there for 20 years. Their son, Bill, and daughter, Rena, were born in India.

They spent their first term in village and city evangelism. In 1949, Bill and Wanda opened a ministry in Ghatkesar on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Bill began worshiping with a local believer on his veranda and out of that grew a church, which is still going strong. Recently, this church enlarged their building for the third time, and several hundred people are meeting there to worship our Lord.


A Snapshot of Perseverance

Christar - blog - A Snapshot of Perseverance 498x640In the two decades that Kelly* has served among the least-reached she’s never seen someone trust in Christ without having first heard biblical truth over a long stretch of time. She’s not alone. Many Christar workers faithfully build relationships and share the gospel in least-reached communities for years before a single person believes.

Perseverance is crucial in ministry to least-reached people! Below, Kelly provides a glimpse into what this perseverance looks like as she tells what happened when she shared the gospel with the ladies in her English class.


The Urdu Geo Version: Ministry in the Publication Process

The Urdu Geo Version: Ministry in the Publication ProcessChristar workers have been blessed to be a part of producing a readable Urdu version of the Bible that’s written in Hindi script—a milestone that will allow many to read God’s word for the first time! But, as thrilled as we are that India’s 100,000 Urdu-speakers will soon have a Bible that they can read for themselves, we’re also delighted to see God working through the production process of this new version!


In the Shadow of Bulldozers

In the Shadow of BulldozersLike one in six city residents in India, Nazia and her husband, Dameer1, live in an urban slum. Christar workers began visiting their area in November 2011, praying that God would provide opportunities for ministry. By the beginning of the next year, doors began to open and Christar workers got a clearer view of the physical and spiritual suffering of Nazia’s community of least-reached Muslims. 


Shangri-La Fire Relief

christar-fire-destroys-ancient-tibetan-village-shangri-laPlease pray for the residents of Shangri-La, Yunnan Province, China, specifically those who lived and worked in the Old Town section of the city that was demolished by fire early in the morning on January 11, 2014. While 240 homes and many businesses were destroyed, we thank God that no casualties were reported.