“La belle, la douce,” (meaning “the beautiful, the sweet”) is how the French describe their beloved country. Europe possesses some of the most beautiful coastlines and mountains in the world! Known for its windmills, cheeses, chocolates, great cathedrals, famous landmarks and one of the best railway systems in the world, Europe is a fusion of old and new, countryside and cosmopolitan. While in one region snowcapped mountains nestle tiny villages lost in time, in other regions gypsies migrate along the rivers and live near trash heaps, focused simply on surviving day to day. Situated nearby the vast and colorful fields of tulips are also many mosques and prayer rooms which serve the nearly one-million Muslims and Hindus living in Holland alone.

Europe’s face is definitely changing and it is a land of least-reached peoples! Christar workers are creating and capitalizing on expanding opportunities for ministry, including medical services, teaching, athletic training, social events and youth activities. Prayerfully consider joining Christar in this incredible place of ministry!

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