Far East

The ancient lands of the Far East are known by many for their spirituality, but the majority of the 1.5 billion people who live there don’t know Jesus. From congested cities to mountainous farmlands to tropical island paradises, the land and its people are diverse. We praise God for the explosive growth of the church among some people groups, as seen in the many fellowships that have emerged among the majority Chinese. Some groups of Far Eastern believers have even begun to send their own cross-cultural workers! However, our hearts still break for the millions—Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists and followers of folk religions—who are still without a culturally-relevant gospel witness.

Christar workers are using a wide variety of ministries to establish reproducing churches in the Far East, in areas including education, business, agriculture, friendship evangelism and discipleship. Help the people of the Far East hear about the hope of Christ, many for the first time. Contact us to learn more!

Contact us to learn more!


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