Around the world countless skills are essential to meet needs in communities where Jesus is yet to be worshipped. Here is a sampling of the many opportunities currently available:

Evangelists and Church Planters

Teams in Japan, India, France, Holland, the UK and several countries in the Middle East are asking for evangelists and church planters willing to accept the challenge of reaching those who don’t have a church in their language and culture. If God is calling you to bring Christ-honoring transformation where He is yet to be worshipped, you may be an answer to prayer for workers already laboring in these areas.

ESL Teachers

Teams in Japan, India, the Middle East, the Philippines and among Kurds are praying for teachers equipped to teach English as a second language. Your skills may enable you to enter a number of limited-access countries and serve as a strategic part of a church-planting team. Teams in more accessible countries also need your skills to help them bring the love of Christ to the lost.

Marketing and Promotions

Perfectly Natural Herbs, a tea factory begun by a Christar worker in the Philippines that supports Filipinos working as church planters, needs a worker skilled in marketing to promote their teas effectively. The Life Resource Foundation, also in the Philippines, needs skilled promotions personnel to raise support for its students.

Medical Personnel

Medical skills give Christar workers the opportunity to tangibly demonstrate the love of Christ. Doctors are needed in the Middle East and Albania to demonstrate the love of Christ by providing quality medical care in communities where He is yet to be worshipped. Community health workers are needed in India. There are also needs for a nurse, a physical therapist and an occupational therapist in various locales around the world.

Business Skills

Business skills provide platforms both for workers to enter China and to enable local believers to make a fair living. Such skills are also needed in Central Asia and India.

Church planting is our one goal, and we reach it through many methods:

  • Arts and Music
  • Bible Training
  • Business as Mission
  • Church Planting
  • Community Development
  • Computer/IT
  • Counseling
  • Creation Care
  • Discipleship
  • Medical
  • Social Work
  • Sports
  • Teaching
  • TESL
  • Women's Ministry
  • Youth Ministry