North America

You have seen the new immigrants in North America—the Pakistani Muslim who pumps your gas, the Gujarati Hindu who owns the motel where you stay, the doctor who treats you when you’re sick or the student who studies for the same classes as you. These immigrants living near you are from many of the least-reached people groups of the world. Do you know if they have heard about the Lord Jesus Christ, the only way of salvation? Are you concerned?

Currently an estimated five million Muslims, three million Buddhists and Shintoists and two million Hindus and Sikhs live in North America. Most first-generation immigrants in the United States and Canada can only understand the gospel in their own language and culture, making it difficult for many North American believers to share Christ with them without the help of a believer who understands that language and culture. Christar associates are working to plant churches among several least-reached people groups as they communicate the good news in meaningful ways. You can be part of bringing the gospel to least-reached communities in North America! Contact us to learn how!

Currently, Christar has workers in the New York City Area (Turks), Philadelphia area (Japanese and Hindus), Washington DC area (Iranians), Atlanta (Japanese), northwest Georgia (Hindus), Houston (Turks and Boharas), Lincoln, NE (Kurds and Arabs), Chicago (Pakistanis), Dearborn, MI (Arabs), Calgary, Alberta (Bengalis) and Hamilton, Ontario (Kurds). We are looking for others to join our current teams, and hope to open new cities and people groups.

Contact us to learn more!


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