South Asia

christar-map-200-south-asiaSouth Asia is a land of incense and idols. Temples of elephant and monkey gods await daily sacrifices of those lost in spiritual darkness. Dirty, ragged children beg on street corners and eunuchs offer to remove curses for those willing to pay a fee. The poverty stricken rummage through garbage-lined streets in search of something to eat while cows viewed as sacred roam freely around them, safe from slaughter. This is a land of great mystery. South Asia was introduced to Christianity as early as the 1st century but sadly, 2000 years later, much of the region remains a least-reached mission field, where few have heard the Gospel. The belief in reincarnation and the search for meaning in a frightening spirit world leave the lost scared and searching for fulfillment.

While South Asian churches are reproducing rapidly and 122,000 churches now exist, the caste system often prevents the Good News from moving freely from person to person. The division of individuals into separate castes creates a dichotomy, making the spread of the Gospel challenging. On one end of the spectrum are cities of growing industries and call centers staffed by educated people servicing the world, and on the other are those whom society deems untouchable. Consider how you might join Christar in reaching these least-reached people! Contact us to learn more!

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